Dumfries – Day 2 (Friday)

Mixed Doubles
Kazakhstan 4-6 Scotland
Wales 1-14 Russia
England 8-9 Belarus
Ireland 8-9 France (EE) (W0 L2)
Brazil 1-14 Scotland (W3 L0)
Wales 9-7 England (Wales W3 L1, England W0 L3)

Spectators at the Ice Bowl witnessed a six being scored on Friday – Canada picked up the Mixed Doubles equivalent of an eight-ender in their 10-5 win against Latvia.

Saturday sees another Scotland game being broadcast and this time it’s against Canada. You can watch this one here from 2100.

Senior Men’s
England 11-5 Hungary
Sweden 7-5 Wales (W2 L1)
Scotland 6-3 Finland
Austria 2-10 Ireland (W2 L1)
England 7-4 Finland (W3 L0)
Scotland 2-5 New Zealand (W2 L1)

Senior Women’s
Slovakia 7-1 England (W0 L2)

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