European Seniors At Greenacres

From Wednesday 30 October to Saturday 2 November, Greenacres was hosting the 2013 European Senior Invitation Curling Championships.

Christine Stewart kindly sent this report:

The European Senior Invitation Curling Championships at Greenacres attracted entries from 18 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams. They came from all over Europe from Russia to Finland and, of course, Scotland.

The men’s teams were in three sections of six teams. Each team faced five games to get to the quarter-final stage of the event, the women five games, then semi- final and final.

Just one Scottish men’s team made it through the quarters to the semi- final, the team skipped by Graeme Adam. The semi was a tight game, Adam lost a single in the final end and Werner Attinger from Switzerland went to the final.

In the final, Attinger was up against Connie Östlund from Sweden. Östlund had the best of the first half of the game but Attinger dominated the second half. Östlund got a single in the seventh for a lead of one but Attinger had last stone for the final end. He tried an angled raised take out, it didn’t draw enough and Östlund stole a single for the game 5-4.

In the women’s event, the semis featured one Swedish team skipped by Ingrid Meldahl and three Swiss teams. Meldahl, the 2012 champion lost the semi when Susan Limena of Switzerland stole a single in the final end.

In the other semi Renate Nedkoff met Chantal Forrer. This semi was tight, the teams tied at four all after six. Then Forrer scored a big four in end seven, game over 8-4 to Forrer.

That set up an all Swiss final – Susan Limena versus Chantal Forrer. It was a game of two halves, Forrer had a two shot lead after four, Limena managed one in the fifth then stole three in end five. Forrer managed a single in the seventh and was run out of stones in the final end. Team Limena took the trophy.

Ladies’ Champions (L-R): Monica Kehrli (2nd), Lucy Ebner (lead), Erica Wohlmann (alternate), Sandra Zimmerman (3rd), Susan Limena (skip)

Ladies’ Runners-up (L-R): Chantal Forrer (skip), Sylvia Schrader (3rd), Patricia Matt (2nd), Ursi Miller (lead), Esther Gemperli (alternate)

Men’s Champions (L-R): Connie Östlund (skip), Morgan Fredholm (3rd), Lars Lindgren (2nd), Lennart Carlsson (lead)

Men’s Runners-up (L-R): Werner Attinger (skip), Peter Attinger (3rd), Ronny Muller (2nd), Matti Neuenschwander (lead)

Many thanks to Hugh and Christine Stewart for the report and the photos.

For more pictures and scores from the event, take a look at the Greenacres website here.

Photos are © Hugh Stewart 2013