Edinburgh – Day 4 (Wednesday)

Wednesday was the penultimate day of group play at the 2013 European Mixed Curling Championships.

It was also the last day that will feature four rounds of games – Thursday will have three.

Here’s a rundown of the day’s results, grouped by session:

Germany 10-3 Belarus
Ireland 3-7 Finland
Latvia 2-7 Scotland
Poland 3-8 Czech Republic
Slovakia 8-3 Slovenia
Romania 3-9 Hungary

Estonia 7-10 Norway (EE)
Wales 10-2 England
Austria 7-5 Turkey
Spain 5-8 Russia
Switzerland 12-6 Sweden

Ireland 6-7 Italy
Finland 6-4 Denmark
Scotland 10-2 Romania
Hungary 6-5 Belarus
Latvia 4-9 Germany
Poland 6-3 France

Norway 2-8 Russia
Slovakia 5-3 Turkey
Sweden 4-6 England
Slovenia 1-8 Austria
Estonia 5-11 Spain
Switzerland 7-4 Wales

Of the ‘home’ nation performances, England beating Sweden has to go down as a fantastic result to go W3 L3 while Scotland have now stretched their unbeaten run to five games and are in great shape to qualify on W6 L1.

Wales, like England, are on W3 L3 having beaten their British rivals today but Ireland slumped to two defeats to go W2 L4.

Germany look unstoppable right now but it is Finland and Switzerland who are the only confirmed quarter-finalists after four days of play.

Big-end of the day was shared by Scotland and Germany who both picked up fives.

The ‘home’ nations have one game each on Thursday – Scotland’s game with Hungary looks set to be vital in the group table.

Group B meanwhile has developed into something of a jam – should be fascinating.

So, going into the final day of play on Thursday there is plenty at stake – here are the overnight standings:

Group A (W-L)
6-0 Germany
6-1 Scotland
5-1 Hungary
4-2 Czech Republic
3-4 Latvia
2-4 France
1-5 Belarus, Poland
0-6 Romania

Group B (W-L)
5-1 Switzerland Q
4-2 Sweden
3-3 England, Norway, Russia, Spain, Wales
0-6 Estonia

Group C (W-L)
6-0 Finland Q
4-1 Denmark
4-2 Austria
3-2 Italy, Slovakia
2-4 Ireland
0-5 Slovenia
0-6 Turkey

Get down to Murrayfield on Thursday as the play is sure to be competitive and exciting.

The event website is here.

Image is © WCF