Loose Ends – 26 July

A few things to get through before I tell you all about this year’s Stirling Summer Skins…

News of the opening event of next season’s Scottish Curling Tour is now on the tour website – the Dumfries Ice Bowl Open takes place from 20-22 September. You can find out more about the event here.

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club celebrated its 175th birthday yesterday (Thursday). The Grand Caledonian Curling Club (as it was back then) came into being on 25 July 1838 and Scotland’s governing body is still very much alive. Not many sports can boast that kind of longevity I’ll bet. Find out more here on the RCCC’s website.

Sticking with the RCCC, applications are being sought for the 2014 Four Nations. Open to all RCCC members, entries close on 31 October. Details are here.

Further afield but still related to the RCCC, you’ll be aware of the Olympic/national championship clash I wrote about in my last post.

It seems that over in Canada, Sochi 2014 is at the forefront of many curlers’ minds. Nolan Thiessen from Team Kevin Koe has written a blog entry for the CCA about the pre-Olympic buzz in Canada. It couldn’t be more different to the controversy over selections and clashes we have seen of late in Scotland – have a read here.

Also, yesterday (Thursday) marked 200 days to go until the start of the curling events in Sochi. It’s getting closer…

Finally, for collectors of curling memorabilia and stones in particular, you might want to take a look at these beauties currently for sale on eBay.

And so to Stirling and the 2013 Summer Skins!

Now in its fifth year, The Peak in Stirling is holding its annual skins tournament this weekend from Friday to Sunday. A record 36 teams are playing in three groups with playoffs scheduled for Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with the skins format, every end is worth cash – increasing as the game goes on.

Expect music, colour, a barbecue and teams from all over the curling world coming together for some summer fun – despite having a lot on my plate just now I am playing with my teammates in the hope of winning some holiday money.

Will I be a happy (richer) hack come Sunday? Given my lack of on-ice activities this summer probably not but I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

Best of luck to everyone competing and look out for pictures of the event in the near future – a taste of the event can be seen in this video from 2011.