Waterspiel 2014

Well here’s something I never thought I would be writing about…

Curling on a cruise ship.

The gentleman pictured above is Tom Hemenway from Phoenix, Arizona, USA and not long ago he got in touch with me about a very special event called Waterspiel 2014.

Cracking hat too, Tom.

It all sounds like a great way to spend those off-ice months relaxing on a cruise holiday while still being able to play our sport.

Here’s what Tom had to say:

Have you ever thought of curling on a cruise ship? I have, so I tried it! In fact, it went so well we are doing it again.

We would love to invite curlers from everywhere to join us. That includes curlers (and non-curlers) across Europe! Even better, two weeks after our cruise in The Bahamas, the same ship will be in Southampton, UK. I would love nothing more than to leave everything on the ship and host another Waterspiel over there!

It should be stressed that this is a fun bonspiel. It is designed to enjoy a little off-season curling while on a fabulous vacation. The sheets are only 10 feet wide by 50 feet long and we are playing doubles with only six rocks per team. (There can be more than two players per team, but only two may play per end.) Eight-end games will only take about an hour so everyone can enjoy the ship as well.

Two weeks after this cruise returns, the same ship will arrive in Southampton, England. We have had a few people request that we host a Waterspiel in Europe. We would like to invite everyone to join us in the Caribbean. Anyone interested in curling on a ship in late May, 2014, please email us. We already have permission from the ship to host one in Europe. We can also leave all of the equipment on board during the ship’s voyage to England, but we need at least 48 cruise passengers in order to make it work.

Here’s a copy of the official flyer:

If you want more information including pictures and videos then I recommend you visit the official Waterspiel website, their Facebook page and their Twitter account.

It would be great if this event could take place over here in Europe so if you are looking for holiday ideas for the near future then why not give the Waterspiel a try – if you do, then I would love to see pictures of the games and a report of your experiences curling on the ocean.

I assume calm seas are a must…

Photos are © Tom Hemenway / Waterspiel 2014

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