Loose Ends – 8 May

Seeing as the season has come to an end, you can expect less frequent posts from me – I hope to have something up once a week just to keep things ticking over because there is always news even in the close-season.

In the near future I plan to have a month-by-month review of the 2012-13 season online for you to enjoy as well as a look ahead to next season.

For now, here’s what has been going on in the last week or so.

Robin Copland has a new post on his curling comment blog about young curlers balancing our sport with studying. Have a read here.

The organising committee for the 2014 World Mixed Doubles and World Senior Curling Championships are hosting a volunteer open day at Dumfries Ice Bowl this Saturday. If you want to get involved with these two big events that are coming to Scotland next year then this is your chance. Full details are here.

It may be five years until Pyeongchang, South Korea hosts the 2018 Winter Olympics but they have just released the official event logo – it features a minimalist design incorporating the Olympic colours and you can take a look here.

Finally, the Curling History Blog has a new post about the origins of the World Junior Curling Championships. Take a look at this informative article here.