Loose Ends

You will probably have heard by now that Scotland’s men won a wonderful bronze medal at the World Championship and I will have a full roundup of the tournament soon but first, here’s news of some other events that have been taking place.

The final U17 Slam came to an end last Thursday in Perth – Craig Joiner and his Forfar team won the event but the overall Slam title goes to Ross Whyte.

Whyte becomes the youngest winner of the Slam to date at the age of just 14 – congratulations to Ross and his team,

All the scores from Perth are here and the full report is here.

Kinross was hosting the iCurl Bonspiel on Friday – this is an open event with an emphasis on the inclusion and integration of players who have a physical or sensory impairment. The event information was here but I am unable to find out who won. Can someone out there fill in the blank?

Similarly, Greenacres was hosting the Newcomers Competition on Sunday – this event is aimed at young curlers who are new to the competitive side of the sport. The information about the event was here and I will try and find out who won in the week. EDIT: The link now contains details of winners – congratulations to Alastair Tweedle and his team.

Finally, the Moray International Bonspiel was being played at Elgin over the weekend. Hopefully, I will find out who won shortly but I gather the event was very enjoyable.