Perth Pictures – Men’s Final

Here is my second batch of photos from Perth – this time it’s the men’s final and the presentations. All the reports are here and here and the scores from the men’s competition are here.

Logan Gray during practice – lead Richard Woods is at his side

Ross Paterson and Alasdair Guthrie before being piped onto the ice – Team Gray’s trousers added a great splash of colour to the final

And so the stage was set – Tom Brewster v. Logan Gray for the Scottish Men’s title

Tom Brewster delivers with Michael Goodfellow and Greg Drummond the sweepers

Team Gray cleaning the ice – unfortunately, the final featured several pick-ups

Logan and his team having fun during a break between ends

Tom Brewster watches his stone

And then calls for some assistance

Alasdair Guthrie, second for Team Gray, shows what he thinks of his shot

Ross Paterson, Logan Gray’s third, calls the sweepers off

Tom Brewster showing off his curling stone belt buckle while Richard Gray photographs the other end of the sheet

Logan is joined by Michael Goodfellow, lead for Team Brewster, as they watch his stone

I’ve beheaded Michael in this one – apologies

David Murdoch and Tom Brewster decide the next move in the seventh end while Logan looks on

Here’s Logan delivering with Richard Woods and Ross Paterson the sweepers – great to see so much colour on the Sunday afternoon

David Murdoch, skipping Team Brewster, settles in the hack

Ross Paterson delivers in the eighth and final end. Richard Woods and Alasdair Guthrie are the sweepers

David Murdoch watches his big clearing shot that left Logan to take his one and concede the game

Scott Andrews ran down from the spectators’ area to celebrate with his teammates after they beat Team Gray 8-4 in eight ends

Michael Goodfellow talks to Dougie Vipond after the game

Logan Gray, losing skip, considers his team’s performance with Dougie

And here are the presentation pictures from Sunday evening – Team Muirhead and their coach David Hay

Team Brewster and the presentation party

Caught in the act! Michael Goodfellow away to celebrate early?

Team Brewster – Scottish Men’s Champions 2013 (L-R): Michael Goodfellow, Scott Andrews, Greg Drummond, Tom Brewster, David Murdoch

Photos are © Ted Edmunds / TVFTH 2013