Update From Perth

There has been some confusion over what has been going on at The Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Curling Championships in Perth lately due to some problems on the RCCC’s website.

As I type, the site is still experiencing difficulties but fortunately, I have been able to find out the final round-robin standings before we head into the knockout weekend. This picture should explain everything:

I am very grateful to Ben Thomas for sending me this image and for his help in filling in blanks in scores. Through a combination of Ben’s information and the Twitter activity of teams involved in Perth, here is how the event now stands:

In the men’s event, no tie-breakers were required. Tom Brewster plays Logan Gray in the 1v2 game while David Edwards plays Warwick Smith in the 3v4. The winner of Brewster v. Gray goes to Sunday’s final and the loser plays a semi-final against the winner of the 3v4. The loser of the 3v4 is out. Keeping up?

In the women’s event, Eve Muirhead and Hannah Fleming will play the 1v2 game. A tie-breaker was required between Kerry Barr and Jennifer Martin which Kerry Barr won. She now plays Jackie Lockhart in another tie-breaker to reach the semi-final. That semi-final will be against the loser of Muirhead v. Fleming for a place in the final.

Phew. I hope that is clear and, above all, correct. If anyone believes otherwise regarding fixtures and standings then do let me know.

One more picture from Perth before I sign off for the night. Andy Macpherson sent me a picture from the Kerry Barr v. Eve Muirhead game on Thursday afternoon. The end in question concluded with all 16 stones in play – reminiscent of this game last year. My thanks to Andy for the shot of this remarkable end. Enjoy…

Photos are © Ben Thomas and Andy Macpherson 2013